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Thank you so much for your order & OR interest in working with STRIPEZ & DESIGN CO. ! I create high quality logos, business cards, websites & loyalty cards & complete branding for all your business needs! Branding yourself is so important! It makes you STAND OUT among the masses! I believe having a logo, or a simple thank you card with a touch of your personality makes all the difference! So that is my goal, to help you get started in Branding yourself at an affordable price!

1.) I SEND YOU THEMES OF COLORS, MOOD BOARDS, FONT STYLES AFTER you fill out the form & PAY your invoice!

2.) I send your demos to you & usually it is perfect, but if you want I can make edits etc for you at no extra cost as long as it does not exceed more then 2 ROUNDS of edits ( as in I make all the changes you request & then you continue to add more that were not talked about) or more then 8 hours of of work! I do charge extra IF you change your mind regarding the style you want once THE LOGO DESIGN IS Finalized by you.

******LOGO DESIGNS- I usually have the logos done within an estimated 2-8 weeks.. doing custom work I want to ensure that it is perfect & that neither of us feel rushed in completing your perfect branding...with the final formats, png. (transparent included) pdf standard, pdf print, and jpg AI. if needed etc. I like to make sure that I can create a custom design that truly fits you, so I also include you in the finalizing of the design process to make sure it is perfect for you. I look forward to working with you!


More then TWO rounds OF EXTRA EDITS (every project I will work on until you love it!! And I do a lot of edits if needed HOWEVER....) on work completed & extremely long HOURS WORKED ON LOGO & BRANDING (Such as changing your design style or making name changes after work is done etc. ) will be an extra charge.ONCE WORK HAS STARTED.... No Refund, I work very hard and will work until your design is perfected! I often have to pay for items in your design..ANY PURCHASES IS A CUSTOMER AGREEMENT *

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