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Refund & Return Policy

Thank you so very much for choosing Stripez & Design! It means so much! Once I begin work I do not do refunds. We do however make sure to work long hours to ensure our clients are happy with their end result! Thank you so much! Please see customer order form & contract signed on there for further details.
Feel free to reach out to me as well!

Thank you so very much for your order!
Email for help

Terms & Conditions


1-3 Business Days for Blog & Landing Page Templates

For Custom work 2-6 weeks for most Demos to be Sent depending on the size & complexity of your order. 


For Custom Branding we charge very low cost. Due to this fact we allow up to 2 EDITS on custom logos, business cards, illustrations etc. We will work closely with you to make sure your design turns out perfect.


Usually 2 Edits is enough. 

In the event 2 Edits is not enough it will cost $20-$50 for an additional round of editing to ensure our designers are not working for FREE with more then the amount of hours PAID FOR.


We are a humble team of 3 & at times there may be delays. If this is the we will offer you a discount on your next order of 50% OFF. We work long & hard hours so refunds are not sent. At times we may also add a FREE ITEM of $30-$50 Value. 


You may contact us by email or phone for any questions & during our work together.




If you contact us on social media we may not see it. That is not a customer service platform  so please contact us one way above. 

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